Can I Choose Any Font I Like?

Almost! One of the things that makes a Metal Expression different than most art is that the characters are created by the lack of material (a hole if you will) in the "canvas".  The vast majority of fonts have a gravity defying ability to leave the center of a letter - O, R, & P are good examples - floating in space.  This is fine for print-type applications, but doesn't give the desired look for us so we find ways to tab in what we need to so that the desired look is achieved.

​Can I use my own artwork and files on my Custom Metal Espression?


This is not currently a service we can offer through the website, but we are always expanding and improving!  If you would like to send us your files and artwork we are happy to perform a feasability review for free and if it is something we can incorporate into a Metal sign we will give you a budgetary quote.




All website orders are pre-paid via major Credit Card or accepted online payment services (Paypal, etc.). 



Please see our Shipping & Returns​ page.  

Can I Return or Exchange my Metal Expression?

Please see our Shipping & Returns page. 

What kind of metal is my Expression made of?

Most of our Metalwork is made from 18 gauge galvanized steel.  For our weathered looks, we apply an environmentally friendly chemical treatment to the galvanized material and the result is some breathtaking rusted finishes (just a little faster than mother nature would normally allow!)

Are you affiliated with Magnolia Market?

While we are big fans of Fixer Upper and Joanna Gaines, no, we have no affiliation with Magnolia Market.  That's not to say that we weren't inspired by Joanna Gaines and her metal signs.  They are beautiful, but we knew we could do just as well and offer the custom solution that so many of our customers love!

How do I clean my Metal Expression?

Metal Expressions are easy to clean!  Just follow a few basic rules:

- Use a soft, lint-free cloth

- Clean with the grain of the metal

- Use Windex or a similar cleaning product